Emergency Action Grants

Awarded throughout the year, Emergency Action Grants range in value up to $10,000 to address an unanticipated reduction in public funding or a non-reimbursable catastrophic event impacting direct delivery of services. Following submission of the LOI, FCP will schedule a pre-grant meeting with the applicant. Further, GuideStar will verify the non-profit status of each applicant, and FCP will review recent independent audits and financial statements and conduct a site visit if necessary. This due-diligence review process follows the standards set by the Council on Foundations. These grants will be awarded on a case-by-case basis as determined by FCP. Recipients must provide a 12-month final report.

Examples of Funded Emergency Action Grant Requests:

  • Severe public funding cuts reduced the number of beds available in an emergency shelter for homeless children and families. Along with other agencies, FCP provided a $10,000 emergency grant until public funding was restored.
  • Federal funding cuts reduced staffing for a child-care program in a low-income neighborhood, forcing parents to quit work and withdraw their children from the program. FCP provided a $10,000 emergency grant until funding was restored.
  • Change in state guidelines disqualified participants from a transportation assistance program making it difficult or impossible for children to attend medical appointments or parents to find jobs. FCP provided a $10,000 emergency grant until other funding sources were identified.
  • A catastrophic flood forced an agency serving teenagers with autism to temporarily relocate or suspend services for six months. While insurance covered most of the repair and relocation costs, FCP paid the amount not covered by insurance.

Examples of Denied Emergency Action Grant Requests:

  • Due to a revenue decline, an agency had to reduce or delay services. FCP denied this request because it was considered a routine business event for the organization. Instead, FCP offered a Technical Assistance Grant to assist the agency in improving its business practices.
  • The HVAC system stopped working in an agency’s administrative offices. FCP denied this request because it did not impact direct delivery of services.
  • Agency is awaiting decision from insurance company on submitted claim.
  • In order to repair an aging roof for a building providing direct services, an agency had to either delay services or use its reserve funds. FCP denied this request because of the availability of reserve funds. Instead, the agency was encouraged to apply for a Capital Improvement Grant.

Following submission of a Letter of Inquiry, FCP will discuss the request with the applicant. Only complete applications will receive consideration.

If you use FOUNDANT for the first time, you will need to create an account. If you encounter difficulties in creating your account or during the application process, e-mail info@fcpartnership.org or call (267) 247-5584.

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