Note: Before submitting a grant application, please read the Grant Application Requirements:

Grant Application Requirements

All FCP Grants are awarded only to non-profit human service organizations serving special needs children, youth, and families in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Foundations Community Partnership is now accepting online applications for the following grants: Partnership in Youth Services, BIIG- Bucks Innovation and Improvement, Capital Improvement, and Emergency Action Grants, and Technical Assistance requests.

This automation of our system includes all stages of the grant lifecycle. We have also added an initial “Letter of Inquiry” to our process. If you are unable to access the online system, please call the FCP office for more information.


General Online Instructions: When you click on the “Access Online Application Process” button, if you are logging in for the first time, you will be asked to create an account. Once you create an account and a password, you will be able to log in using your email address and the password you created. If you have questions during the application process, please e-mail us at

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Click on each for more information:

  1.  Partnership in Youth Services Grants (PYS) – Application period: July 1st – September 1st.  Awarded in the fall of each year.
  2. Bucks Innovation and Improvement Grants (BIIG) –  Deadlines:
    Spring — LOI/Letter of Inquiry — April 1st. Full Application (following LOI approval): April 15th . The full application deadline has been extended until April 19, 2019.
    Fall — LOI/Letter of Inquiry — October 1st. Full Application (following LOI approval): October 15th.Grants are awarded in June and December of each year.
  3. Capital Improvement Grants –  Deadlines:Spring — LOI/Letter of Inquiry — April 1st. Full Application (following LOI approval): April 15th.Fall — LOI/Letter of Inquiry — October 1st. Full Application (following LOI approval): October 15th.Grants are awarded in June and December of each year.Applications will be reviewed for capital projects including structural improvements to the facility (bricks & mortar, such as new buildings or additions to existing buildings,) or extensive renovation or addition of durable equipment to an existing structure.
  4. Emergency Action Grants –  Applications are reviewed as they are received.
  5. Technical Assistance Funding – Technical Assistance funding is available for non-profits in the areas of capacity building, business management, business planning, strategic planning, board development, and training workshops. Applications are reviewed as they are received.

FCP does not fund the following:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Deficit financing/debt reduction
  • Advertising publications
  • Religious or Political Activities
  • Umbrella funding organizations/pass-through organizations
  • Stand-alone research
  • Individuals

Organizations may only be awarded one grant of each type in a 12 month period (for example, an organization receiving a BIIG award, must wait 12 months before applying again for a BIIG award).

Organizations may re-apply, within 12 months for each type of grant, if an application was not approved. Organizations may apply for different types of Grants or Services within a 12 month period (for example, an organization may receive a Partnership in Youth Services [PYS] grant, serve as a “Host Agency” for the Summer Youth Corps, and receive a BIIG and Capital award within the same 12 month period).

FCP accepts grant applications for review from all non-profit human service organizations in Bucks County serving children and youth, with a focus on behavioral health and human services. In granting awards, FCP pays special attention to new applications for innovation or improvement in services provided by the organization.

Organizations that are requesting funding for renewal grants for projects or programs may be limited, and/or have further requirements for continued funding. Please contact FCP for more information, if you are submitting a grant application for a project or program that was previously funded by FCP. All decisions as to the awards or the amounts of grants shall be at the sole discretion of Foundations Community Partnership, whose decision shall be final.

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